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How to Order!

How to Order!

You may be wondering why everything is listed as sold out! 

Because the demand for our toques is currently very high, we are opening for order once every 2 weeks or so.  All of our items are custom made to order, and we want to keep our turnaround times down, so limiting our orders each week allows us to get things done in a more timely fashion!  All of our items are listed as sold out, which allows for you to still see all of our colours, styles, and prices, so you can prepare for your order when we re-open!  We typically sell out within a very small window of time, so here's a few pointers for getting your order in quickly:

1.  Plan your order ahead of time!  Know what sizes, styles, colours, and pom options that you would like for each toque.

2. Make an account - this allows you to enter all of your shipping information, making for a smoother and quicker checkout!  Click on the small person symbol next to the FAQ button on our top menu to create your account!

Please note that all of the information for sizing is in the description of each item.  The sizing is fairly flexible.  Keep in mind that if you choose to size up your child for longer use, the toque may fit a bit long until your child grows into it.  If you feel your child has a smaller or larger than normal head, I strongly recommend measuring the circumference and comparing it to our sizing information.

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